Inspiration Behind the Piece ~ Echoes from Santiago de Cuba's Hills

Beach Laundry III

All inspiration starts somewhere. The story behind the Beach Laundry Series.

While riding scooters in the warm air of a Cuban winter, we stumbled upon a tranquil spot nestled between Santiago de Cuba's sun-kissed beaches and rolling foothills.  

A corner that time has lovingly cradled in its embrace. Here, a lone clothesline outside a sun-bleached cottage paints stories with each sway in the gentle breeze. 

The garments aren't just daily attire set out to dry; they're portals to yesteryears—echoes of laughter, tales of whispered confessions, and fragments of heartbeats that once resonated with joy. The jeans, rugged and lovingly mended, reminisce about sandy footprints and spirited climbs, while the soft shirts flutter with tales of moonlit dances by the shoreline. 

As the waves hum lullabies and the hills whisper ancient secrets, the memories play out behind each piece of clothing: children playing in the streets, lovers stealing glances under palm shades, and elders narrating legends beneath starry skies. The cottage stands as a sentinel, its walls infused with tales of dreams spun between the sands and the slopes. 

While the world races on, this quaint pocket in Santiago de Cuba stands still, an ode to its rich history and vibrant culture. For its residents, the clothesline and cottage are more than just fixtures; they are testaments to a legacy that thrums with life. 

And to the wandering soul that discovers this slice of magic, it's a reminder: Santiago's heartbeats are not just in its bustling streets or vibrant dances, but also in these quiet moments where the beaches meet the foothills, and stories come alive. 

As I wrap up this edition, it's heartwarming to reflect on how past journeys continue to inspire the present. This photo encaustic piece was born from photos taken during a trip a few years back. The magic of that day, the sights and emotions, have been encapsulated forever in wax and pigment. It's a testament to how memories, no matter how fleeting, can leave an indelible mark on our craft. 

Thank you for accompanying me on this retrospective voyage.